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Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting
NAICS  54161  541611  541618  541910  561210  561720        
NIGP  91875  91883  91838  91816
SIC  8742001  8742010  8742016  8742018  
Urbanetectonics, LLC serves as an umbrella for our
#powerofnext management consultant service 
in our vertically integrated divisions for
Owners, Managers, and Administrators
who need quality management solutions. 
Vertically integration is an arrangement in which the supply
chain of a company is owned by that company.  Usually each
member of the supply chain produces a different product or
market-specific service, and the products combine to satisfy a
common need.  

A business division is one of the parts into which a business,
organization, or company is divided.  The divisions are distinct
parts of that business.  Companies often set up business units to
operate in divisions prior to the legal formation of subsidiaries.
Urbanetectonics, LLC
Document #600497160002
Other registered dba trade names and Brands:  
The BomaQ Companies, UT2 Design, BomaQ Construction,
Kube Engineered Solutions, MAC Productions, and Hotel Banque Unlimited.
along with other WordMarks, Pictorial Marks, Service Marks, and Emblems:  
412 Investments, The Chain Link, Glas Bank, Petit Dejeuner, Gamma Learning, Global Alliance Contracting Group,
Virtual Manager Card, Startup Boot Camp, 10 Core, Smartbiz Fax, #bomaqtalk, #powerofnext, MAC Moments, 
me2ya e-Hub Connect, Sweet Tooth Jones, William Jones Workforce Development Program, Cora Jones Scholastic Award,
The Universal Language of Management Series (TULOMS), The Universal Language of Project Management (TULOPM),
The Universal Language of Core Systems Management (TULOCSM), The Universal Language of Asset Lifecycle
Management (TULOALM), The Universal Language of Nonverbal Communications Management (TULONCM)
  Texas Mailing Address:     
725 FM 1103 PMB #133
Cibolo, Texas 78108

Phone: 1 (210) 549 9115
Ohio Mailing Address:     
4496 Mahoning Avenue PMB #214
Youngstown, Ohio  44515
Phone: 1 (330) 539 3972
Conference Call: 
1 712 432 3900
Passcode Required
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  Contact Hours:       
M  - THURSDAY  4:00 AM to 2:00 PM 
Service Hours:       
M  - SATURDAY  5:00 AM to 9:00 PM 
                    General Inquiries:               
New Business and Current Clients:        
Use the Client Self-Scheduler
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Join Our Team!
Human Capital Search for qualified candidates
in support of projects for Urbanetectonics, LLC and its divisions. 
Why YOU should JOIN our TEAM? View these Four Benefits.
Are you a subcontractor, a sub-consultants, vendor, or supplier?
Register by clicking "Vendor Registration."
Are you a student in college, university, or trade school looking
to build employability skills outside the classroom and in the industries we serve?
Make contact through your school's "Career Center" to view job postings.
Are you entrepreneurial, self-employed, or an independent worker
who loves to work remotely, to have a flexible schedule, and to earn while you learn?       
Interested parties should contact us by emailing
with the Job Description in the subject heading.
Current Job Openings: 
Business Relationship Manager
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Contract Terms     Registration     List of BRM Reps      
Project Team Manager
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Contract Terms     Registration     List of PTM Reps     
Integrated Systems Manager
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Contract Terms     Registration     List of ISM Reps
Industry Divisional Manager
           Job Description     Zonal Map      Compensation Schedule     
Contract Terms     Registration     List of IDM Reps      
Other Subcontractor or Subconsultant Positions:
Construction Superintendent
Health Information Technician
Real Property Merchant
Legal Assistant
Safety Assurance Lead
Visual Communications Engineer
Chief Facilities Engineer 
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Appropriate compensation is determined by a set flat fee per project,
the terms of a divisional partnership agreement, or a competitive
sales commission schedule. General application can be required.
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Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting

Serving Owners, Managers, and Administrators with business process outsourcing since 2004